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The PMG Print Inspection: what are we looking for?

Before we begin working with any new client, the first thing we do is carry out a print audit on their company. Our Print Inspection is important to determine whether the client needs our help, what their existing relationship with print is like and which areas are most in need of improvement. It’s a free, no obligation service, so if you decide that you can get by without our help after the Print Inspection then we can simply shake hands and say our goodbyes. If not, we can quickly step in to help you improve your relationship with print. But what are we looking for during the Print Inspection? Here are five things we’re sure to keep an eye on.

What you use print for

How you use print is perhaps the most important consideration of the Print Inspection, as it informs every other aspect of what we do. We want to know whether or not you use print to communicate in-house, or whether you’ve invested in print marketing in the past. Do you package your products in printed materials, or use point-of-sale advertisements in your store? We’ll investigate all of these areas and more to paint a really clear picture of how print is used in your company.

Who uses print

Now it’s time to zoom in a little further. Which departments in particular use print, and which do so the most often? Which individuals are the most likely to use print, and why? We want to identify the people we need to talk to in order to fully understand your relationship with print. Do they have any concerns about how resources are currently being used, or any suggestions as to how the company can improve efficiency, reduce wastage and save money?

How you buy your print

Procurement is one of the most significant money-saving areas in print. We want to know what resources you buy, where you buy them from, how much you pay and how often you make an order. There’s a very good chance that we can save you money here – we have access to an extensive network of print suppliers and know how to find the best deals. Sticking with the same supplier for years may not be the most cost-effective approach.

How your print is managed

All too often, our Print Inspection reveals that no-one is in charge of print in prospective clients’ businesses. Instead it’s more like a free-for-all, with different departments working at cross purposes and a general lack of communication resulting in errors, wastage and missed deadlines. If we find that this is the case in your business, we can certainly help to improve your relationship with print.

How effective your print is

Last but not least, how effective is your company’s print? Do your print marketing efforts achieve what they set out to achieve, or are they more expensive than they’re worth? It could be that your product packaging is sorely in need of rebranding, that your HR department needs to digitise or that your latest poster campaign wasn’t quite inspiring enough. We’ll analyse your print goals and find out whether you’ve achieved them in the past. If not, it’s time to make a change.

Our Print Inspection is a completely free service, and there’s no obligation to buy. Contact us today to book your print inspection and find out whether we can improve your relationship with print.

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