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Five reasons to enrol in the University of Print today

Print management companies need to have an inside-out knowledge of print and the print industry if they are to provide a valuable service to their clients. Here at PMG Print Management, our print knowledge and expertise has been recognised with IPIA awards for three years running. It’s safe to say that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to print. It’s clear why so many companies come to us when they want to make print savings – we can achieve fantastic results. Instead of keeping our knowledge to ourselves, we’re more than happy to share it with you. We call it the University of Print – but we admit that’s a rather grandiose term. It’s a way for us to share print tips and information each month. Why should you bother enrolling at the University of Print?


Improve your projects

The University of Print doesn’t just share tips on print. We recognise that print costs and practices are affected by all stages of the project’s development. Your brief will affect your design, and your design will affect the print. We’ll provide tips covering every stage of project development, ensuring that you’ll gain helpful information regardless of whichever stage of the project you’re involved with. The knowledge that you’ll attain (and hopefully retain) will arm you with new printing and finishing techniques that are bound to make your next project a success!


Cut through the content

Of course, the majority of the information we share with you is already out there, somewhere on the internet. But there’s no guarantee of the quality of the content you might find if you go searching for it yourself, or indeed, its accuracy. If you’re unable to completely trust the content, is there much point searching for it in the first place? Instead, you’re far more likely to get good results if you hear it from the experts. All the print tips you receive in our monthly newsletter will be straight from the PMG team.


Be ahead of the curve

We’ve got hundreds of contacts from within the print industry, who are all trying to keep in touch with the latest in print technologies. That means we’re amongst the first to hear about new and exciting breakthroughs in print technology, which in turn, we’ll pass on to you. Your design team can begin working on incorporating new print techniques into print projects before anyone else!


Learn to speak the language of print

If you choose to work with us, if you aren’t too sure about some of the more technical definitions you can be sure we’ll give clear explanations of what printing terms mean. Not everyone in the print and design industry is so kind or patient, so it can do no harm to learn to speak their language.


It’s free!

Many industry experts would charge to share such high quality, valuable information. Not us. We enjoy sharing our top print tips. Once you’ve been convinced of our expertise, perhaps you’ll even be tempted to allow us to carry out a print inspection for you. Our print audit, where we examine all of your company’s printed materials and recommend savings, is also free.

Want to enrol? Head to the University of Print and enter your email address. We won’t use it to send you spam – instead, you’ll receive a single email per month, packed full of useful and actionable advice.

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