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Video Brochures fuse print and video in a print marketing first

Print has long had to compete with digital media for attention, with the broad remit of the marketing industry expanding to include digital video, social media, online content and other exciting new forms in recent years.


A new technology, however, is promising to combine print marketing with digital video in order to provide a multimedia marketing experience capable of communicating the benefits of even the most complicated products.


The birth of the video brochure is an extremely exciting event for the print marketing industry, combining innovative print design and copy text with video images, cleverly incorporated in the same product. The brochures use micro-thin LCD screens within a printed brochure or leaflet, complete with built-in speaker, in order to combine the best of both print and video marketing worlds.


Their potential clever uses include:

  • point-of-sale advertisements

  • bespoke presentation boxes

  • interactive handouts

  • packaging design

When the first of the Harry Potter books was published in 1997, it described photographs and newspapers that included moving pictures. Whilst such a premise was dismissed as science fiction, modern technology has made this a reality in today’s world – and the first pioneering brands to embrace the technology will undoubtedly be those that are best remembered for it.


While traditional print marketing alone can be persuasive, incorporating video into your printed marketing activities can add an extra dimension – making your products and services seem more cutting edge and exciting.

Video brochures represent the wave of the future for the print marketing industry, but in order to implement them successfully, you’ll need to devise a suitable strategy combining print with video. Our clever print management services can help you to make the most of your print marketing efforts, whatever shape they may take! Give us a call on 01924 284 330 or email us to discuss how we could help you to use video brochures to the best effect.

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