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What does clever print management mean?

We’re a print management company: we manage our clients’ print so they don’t have to. Here at PMG our watchword is ‘clever print management’, and that means doing things a little differently. We often talk about our intelligent approach to print management, but what does it mean to our clients in real terms? In this latest article on the PMG blog we’re here to tell you what it could mean for your business.

Advice and insight

Clever print management is about having an expert on hand to whisper in your ear when you need it, providing you with invaluable advice and insights designed to improve your relationship with print. One of our clients had 63 franchise offices, and after carrying out our print inspection we decided it would be more cost effective for them to print centrally. We advised them to do so and they subsequently cut print costs by 34%. It’s no coincidence: our advice and insights are actionable, and can help you to revolutionise print in your business.

Adaptation and economy

More often than not, small changes can make a big difference to the way your company works with print. We don’t want to come in and turn everything on its head unless we really have to, so often the changes we make will be subtle and slight. For example, we helped one of our clients save £8,000 by tweaking paper size by just 20mm. Four and even five-figure savings like these aren’t unusual, and you might be surprised at the modest changes we can implement to help you achieve them.

Innovation and increased effectiveness

Clever print management isn’t just about saving money, however. We want to revolutionise the way you work with print, and that means helping you to achieve the most effective results from your print marketing efforts. We have an expert in-house design studio dedicated to creating the most impactful designs, and we understand the print industry in all its idiosyncrasies. If a new print technology emerges and we think it could benefit you, we’ll help you to make the most of it. We did just that with one client and saw direct mail response rates increase by a massive 15% – up from just 2% to 17%.

Consistent excellence

Last but not least, clever print management means making the right decision, finding the intelligent solution and doing the right thing again and again and again. It’s about consistency, about knowing our industry inside and out and always striving to innovate or exceed expectations. This approach has seen PMG rewarded by the industry: we won the IPIA Print Management Company of the Year Award three years in succession in 2009, 2010 and 2011. This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident.

Now that you know a little more about what clever print management means, it’s time to see what it can do for you. Contact us today for a free, no obligation print inspection to find out how clever print management can transform your company’s relationship with print.

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