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What exactly does a Print Management Company do?

There’s good reason why print management has grown in popularity over the last decade and that’s because businesses have needed to work smarter. Every business, from corporate to SMEs, are looking at more effective ways of increasing efficiencies and managing their time whilst ensuring they get the best value for money on any expenditure in relation to print and marketing.


Historically, print management has been unfairly regarded as not delivering any value or indeed adding costs as a ‘middleman’ but, in actual fact, the opposite is true. Print management can actually have positive impacts on the bottom line and increase responses on mailings further driving engagement.


Not just another ‘middle-man’, a clever print management company will take the initial brief and provide a range of options that provide the customer with a choice of options. Being able to manage the project from start to finish, a print management company can oversee the design, production, distribution and storage too if required thus removing any hassles from the client.


So how can a print management company add value to your business?


  • Independent of production. A true print management company is completely independent of production and is therefore best placed to advise on the most efficient methods of production and formats


  • Reduce your overall spend on print. A clever print management will maximise your saving potential. We’re able to identify areas where you could cut costs and save your business money. Whether that is a change of specification, a different method of ordering or a reduction in stock holding and obsolescence. Iceland outsourced its printing requirements last year, shaving nearly 30% off its £7m annual print bill.


  • Negotiate the best costs from approved suppliers. A true print management company knows the marketplace inside out; they have key contacts throughout the industry and better understand which suppliers are best suited for your particular print project.


  • Disaster recovery and contingency. Print management brings with it an in-built flexibility of production capacity and in the event of disaster provides your business with contingency from its wide supply base.


  • Innovation. Being completely free of any production allows a print management company to introduce the latest advances in technology that can improve the performance of your print. With close relationships with all the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) they can advise on the latest innovative production methods.


If you’d like to hear more about our Clever Print Management and how we can help you getting a better return on your investment in your print and marketing get in touch for a chat.

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