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What’s the difference between print and print management?

Sure, anyone can print – just create the document, send it to the printer and print it out. However, this process holds true for simple printing alone. How unique, innovative, high-quality or clever is the document that you’ve created? Without print management, it could take you several hours to stumble upon the right format for that important leaflet right, or spend significantly more than you ought to on a campaign. Print management involves having a greater understanding of your print needs and the expertise to be able to suggest better and more cost-effective ways of printing. It combines marketing, design and print all in one to make your job easier, and with the help of clever print management, all the more fun too! Still unsure of the difference? Here are just a few reasons why our clients rely on our print management services…


Cut costs

You wouldn’t rush an important work project, and here at PMG Print Management we think of each and every print job as important, so we take time and careful consideration when it comes to planning it – which is why we’re able to easily identify areas where you could cut costs and save yourself some money. We know printing can be expensive, but as experts in our industry we know how you can maximise your profits from your print projects, and it starts with cutting the costs of your print!


Studio design

You didn’t think we’d let you have all the fun, did you? Helping you to work on and perfect your print design is one of our favourite parts of the job. If you want your print to stand out, jump off the page and catch people’s attention, then your design needs to be clever. At the PMG, we have the experience and know-how to bring your ideas to life, and to ensure that they look fantastic in print. We know which colours to avoid so as to perfect your digital prints, we can advise on certain finishes that will work best with the design you’re printing, and we’ll go to any length to ensure your print comes out looking amazing.


Plan ahead

No project is likely to be successful if you fail to plan ahead, and an ill-planned project is characterised by a host of last minute panics, mistakes and a lot of added pressure. Taking the time to plan your print carefully and cleverly enables us to make all of the right choices when it comes to design, paper, costs and the final print. We can foresee any potential problems and solve them before they cause any issues and allow time for amendments when planning in advance, so that whatever the size of the print job, we can produce the finish you’re hoping for on time. We’ve also got a great reputation with our suppliers, so planning ahead allows us the time to communicate properly with them and enlist their help too! We know that this isn’t always possible though, and print management rather than simple printing means that we’ll know exactly who to turn to when we need a job finalised at the last moment.


Save the forest

On top of everything we can do for you, we’ve also found the time to save a forest or two, too! Some of our clients might be concerned that a print management company could be partly responsible for destroying forests, but we’re a Clever print management company, and we’d never allow that! Where we can, we ensure that paper is sourced from Europe where the forest cover is actually increasing by an area four times the size of London every year. That means that the paper used is renewable, recyclable and a truly powerful material. Yes, we really have thought of everything!

You could use a run-of-the-mill printer for your campaigns, or you could instead leave it to us and benefit from our experience in design, marketing, and print management to help you create print projects with a difference. Get in touch with us and we can start planning your project today.

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