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Where to advertise: your print marketing options explained

Ignore the rumours, they aren’t true – print is far from dead. In fact, print is growing in popularity thanks to its involvement in digital media campaigns, and marketers who choose to ignore print advertising altogether are most definitely missing out. A number of companies are convinced that because fewer of us read the papers or physical books these days then print advertising is a waste of time, but in fact quite the opposite is true. There are many ways in which you can use print to advertise your brand – everywhere you see print you see an opportunity to advertise and promote your company – and we’re talking about more than just billboards. If you’re unsure where to advertise your brand, your trusty print management gurus have just a few options for you to consider…



Whether it’s packaging for one of your own products or the packaging of a company you have partnered up with, displaying your brand message on the outside of a product your target audience is likely to pick up is a great way to get noticed. Send them something they have requested in a package that advertises something else they might be interested in, or simply use your packaging to drive traffic to your website by creating funky designs with a code to scan that will lead consumers directly to your app or site. Packaging gives marketers a chance to get creative and really push the company’s style, because it must be interesting and exciting in order to get noticed.



Here at PMG Print Management we’ll help to apply your designs to just about anything, including labels. Labels are ideal for sticking on anything you ever send to your customers, or to hand out at trade shows and exhibitions to get your brand noticed. Use your branded labels to seal envelopes, hand out at events, head letters or leave in various places that have given you permission to advertise and you’ll be helping to increase your brand awareness and attract new clients. Labels can be used to simply advertise a new web address or to help promote your online campaign – digital and print marketing really can go hand in hand.


Direct mail

For every 100 emails you send, perhaps ten are likely to be opened for the reader to see what you have to say. Apart from creating exciting subject headers, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether or not your email has been noticed. People generally respond better to direct mail and even if they don’t know who sent the letter they are more likely to open it than an email from somebody they do not know. There are plenty of ways in which we can make direct mail all the more exciting, from changing its shape and size to using vivid colours and imagery. When you seek our help at PMG, we’ll take a look at the direct mail you’ve sent in the past and discuss ways in which you can improve it.


Corporate stationery

What better way to ensure that your brand gets noticed than by printing your logo and message on the items you use every day? Your branded stationery needn’t be used by those who work within your company alone – it can be employed as corporate gifts to ensure you always stay in your clients’ minds. We mentioned earlier that we’re willing to print on just about anything, so whether you want to print your logo on pens, paper, envelopes or more, we can help. Just think how often you use your corporate stationery and how often people will get to see your brand message…

If you’re interested in finding out more about our print services or how we can help you with your future print marketing campaign, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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