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‘Where’s My Marketing’ tool promises to bring detailed analytics to direct mail marketing

According to Greg Dean of Wilen New York, the ‘market, measure, repeat’ approach to direct mail marketing could soon become a thing of the past. Naturally, Greg and Wilen have a product that promises to provide an alternative to this tried-and-tested approach.


Speaking at the 2013 Direct Marketing Association show in Chicago, Greg discussed the launch of Wilen’s new ‘Where’s My Marketing’ tool, designed to provide detailed analytics which can be used to predict the success of a direct mail campaign before it is launched.


Previously, marketers would create their direct mail products, compile their customer lists and send off their mail there and then, only subsequently adapting their approach based on the responses of recipients.


‘Where’s My Marketing,’ however, promises to streamline this process and make direct mail marketing more cost effective and efficient than ever before. The tool will be able to determine how the next 100 customers will respond to a marketing campaign based on the prior responses of similar customers, allowing companies to adjust their approach ahead of time.


Discussing ‘Where’s My Marketing, Greg said: ‘As people respond during a campaign, we grab their records and expand them with whatever new information comes in; we’re constantly feeding the direct marketing engines. Then, when you have that information, you can change the content for the next person to provide more lift, even up to the very last minute.’


It sounds as though it’s an admirable tool indeed – though it does leave us wondering how the tool takes into account how significantly different designs will also impact upon success rates, rather than simply looking at likely audience reception given their demographics. We’d wager some of the tips to improve results would likely be the same as those we share within our University of Print

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