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Why you have to be able to count in fours…

Think back to your primary school days. Can you still remember your four times table? If you are producing brochures with multiple pages for your business, it’s important, as you’ll need to understand that printed pages always come in fours.


This is because it will be printed on double-sided sheets of paper that will be folded in half when stitched or perfect bound together. If you want to add pages, this format is doubled, then tripled and so on. This may sound simple enough, but designers who are used to designing for online rather than print don’t always consider this.


Without someone looking carefully at the artwork, you could end up with printed brochures and catalogues with pages left blank, as they were not designed with this simple fact in mind. This ruins the look of the finished product and presents an unprofessional image of the company it’s supposed to be promoting. It’s a poor result, a fail, and a waste of the client’s time and budget.


Our clever print designers would never make such a school-kid error, as they live and breathe design specifically for print. This means everything we design has the correct ratio of pages and is created to complement the printing process for grade A* results.


What happens before the paper hits the press is paramount. Our designers play an essential role in bringing your ideas to life and ensuring the finished product looks fantastic. They will consider aspects that other designers who haven’t done their homework might miss, such as the impact the paper stock will have on colour reproduction.


They are positively nerdy about the print process. Our studious studio has spent years swotting up on how to design perfect print across a range of different media. They know what works on different stocks (that’s paper to you and me), how to make the job economical and avoid wasting paper, and how to finish it so that it won’t scratch or show fingerprints.


Our team of print scientists use their encyclopaedic knowledge of the printing process to help you plan ahead, cut costs, save time and avoid common printing pitfalls such as incorrect files, missing fonts or poor-quality images by doing what we call a pre-flight check – that’s a really detailed look at all of the files we receive to make sure they will print as expected. And all as part of the service. From a simple business card to a full suite of marketing literature, we have extensive experience of running nationwide campaigns across all media.


Our deep and lasting relationships with suppliers enable us to get things done properly without any dramas, so multiple deadlines and delivery points run as smoothly as a laminate finished brochure.


We look at the bigger picture, assessing every piece of printed literature, from notepads and stationery for internal use to external marketing campaign literature. We can then work out the most cost-effective way to print these so you can get more bang for your buck.


We’ve really done our homework, so if you’re looking for a clever print and design studio that knows its French folds from its wet proofs, and won’t land you in detention, why not get in touch?

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