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What it takes to win Print Management Company of the Year

Here at PMG Print Management we are very passionate about our work and go to great lengths to ensure we deliver time and again for each of our clients, which is probably why we won the IPIA’s Print Management Company of the Year award three years in a row! We believe print management at its best is a simple affair, but we like to think we’re a little bit smarter than most companies. We take our work one step further to provide you with more than just fantastic print, we aim to save you time and money too. As our knowledge and experience continues to increase and our dedication to the job becomes stronger, we know our print management services will only improve, so we know we’re in a great position to win the award again in future! Here’s what it takes to win Print Management Company of the Year…



Our print management team are almost worryingly dedicated to the job! We’ll go to any lengths to make sure your print project achieves the results you were after and that everything is managed perfectly. We listen to your ideas and ambitions, make our own suggestions and recommend colours, papers and finishes that we think will work best for you. We don’t just take your print and work alone, we want to work with you and around your schedule, sharing our knowledge and producing a result that will make all the difference.



At PMG we don’t know everything, but in an ever-changing industry only a fool would claim that there’s nothing left to learn! We work hard to keep up with the print management industry and act like students, constantly revising and learning about new innovations, finishes, printing presses and ways to save you money. Our experience is constantly growing and our interest in print management only increasing! Every time we learn something new, we can’t wait to share it with you.


Design skills

Most print managers will simply take a job and print what you ask without a second thought, but our skilled design team just love taking your ideas to the studio and using their expertise and design skills to bring them to life! They treat your print as they would a piece of art, dedicating time and energy to ensuring the finish is flawless. Whether it’s a business card, poster or brochure, you can be sure with our designers’ help that your print will stand out amongst the rest.



Part of the reason we’re so good at what we do is because we don’t work alone – we work with you! We maintain a close relationship with our clients throughout the time we spend working on their print. We aim to get to know them and take an interest in the way they work and the things they have printed in the past. This way, we can be sure to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, as well as make appropriate suggestions as to how you can improve your ideas and save money along the way!


That little bit extra

By taking it that one step further we’re able to help improve your print, save you money and have a lot of fun in the process. PMG Print Management, however, doesn’t even stop there. For example, 94 per cent of the paper we use comes from an area in Europe where the forest cover is actually increasing every year. We have also set up the University of Print where you can go to learn our tricks of the trade and become just as clever with print as we are!


We think we’ve got this year’s award in the bag and if you agree and think you could benefit from our print management services, why not contact the team today? Let’s get to work!


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