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Three more clever World Cup print marketing campaigns

The World Cup is upon us, and the PMG staff have enjoyed watching the various ways in which brands all over the world have tried to jump aboard the football bandwagon. Companies would be silly not to leap at the chance to show off their creativity and love of sport during such an important event, particularly as millions of people around the world are paying attention to all things World Cup-related. The World Cup is a great opportunity for companies to extend their reach and engage with a wider audience, and let’s face it – World Cup marketing is a lot of fun! We’ve already highlighted three of our favourite World Cup print marketing campaigns this year, but here are three more that have come to our attention.



McDonald’s rarely deviates away from its classic red and yellow branding, only ever making exceptions for very special occasions. For this reason, it’s exciting to see that the company has created a series of brand new, themed packaging designs for the World Cup. The packaging – used to present McDonald’s fries – comes in twelve different designs created by various artists, all colourful and football-focussed. It’s not only the vivid colours fast-food lovers are excited about, however. The redesigned boxes are also the key to unlocking a new augmented reality app that will enable customers to enjoy an engaging, virtual trick-shot football challenge. The McDonald’s GOL! app can only be played once it has been unlocked using the packaging, a clever ploy to attract both McDonald’s and football fans.



As an official sponsor of the World Cup, Budweiser has gone all out with its marketing campaign, using a number of media outlets – including both television and print – to promote the ‘Rise as One’ campaign. As part of Budweiser’s on-pack promotion, the company is giving consumers a chance to win World Cup tickets by simply scanning the code on the bottles, as well as releasing a limited edition aluminium trophy bottle. The popular drinks brand has also released new packaging that allows consumers to easily carry 18-can and six bottle packs, encouraging them to choose Budweiser as their World Cup beer. They have also designed 200 branded chillers to be distributed within the convenience sector.



Coca-Cola is often considered to be a market leader when it comes to global campaigns, and in the year of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the situation is no different. Not only has the company created a number of fantastic television adverts, but Coca-Cola has also launched a new on-pack promotion that gives consumers the chance to win a limited edition football. As an official partner of the sporting event, the drinks brand is giving away over one million Coca-Cola branded footballs in an attempt to encourage customers to get active this summer. All customers will have to do is enter a unique code (which they can find on selected promotional packs) on the Win a Ball website to find out if they are a winner. As expected, the balls are all branded with the Coca-Cola logo and red and white colours.

If you’re keen to make the most of the World Cup and create a print marketing campaign focused on the big event this summer, why not get in touch with our professional print management team in the design studio today?

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