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Yorkshire – the new home of colour

When it comes to getting your printing just right, PMG pulls out all the stops and this time, we’ve excelled ourselves. Our brand new, cutting-edge Nanography® printers use the very latest nano-technology to provide a better finish and a wider range of colours, making us better able to help you realise your vision.


The tiny ink particles in our new Nanography® printer bond with the surface of the paper in a way traditional “wet” inks simply can’t replicate. Whereas typical ink is absorbed into the paper fibres with much of the colour pigment ending up below the surface, the NanoInk® uses a dry ink film which is laminated to the paper, conforming to the surface roughness. These NanoInks® match the gloss of the paper, whether coated or uncoated.


Because of the way the Nanoink® bonds with the paper, it is able to create the broadest CMYK colour gamut of any printing process, replicating 17% more pantone colours than offset printing can achieve. [Read our For the Love of Colour blog post for more on the different colour definitions.]


All this sounds pretty technical, but what does it mean for you? Well, it means we can replicate colours identically onto a wider range of surfaces. Thanks to our new Nanography® printers, we can ensure absolute consistency of colour regardless of whether you need brochures and leaflets, exhibition stands or large format printing. Photograph printing will be particularly enhanced, making your images crisper and truer to the natural colours they contain.


As well as the benefits for colour and finish, our Nanography® printers also save you having to choose between digital and conventional printing. Typically, we’d recommend digital printing for short print runs and conventional printing for larger print runs (multiple thousands), but the Nanography® printers provide more efficient drying and scale, making them equally efficient for 1,000 copies or 10,000 copies.


As you hopefully know, here at PMG we pride ourselves on providing Clever Print Management. Our print scientists use clever thinking to cut costs, save paper, plan ahead, run jobs together and use our considerable reputation with all our suppliers to get things done properly. Using the latest technological advances in printing takes that one step further. The new Nanography® printers use less ink over the same surface, making them more efficient and they provide a more uniform result, reducing rejects.


If you would like to talk to a PMG print scientist to find out how Nanography® can enhance your printing, give the studio a call on 01924 284330 or email hello@pmg-pm.co.uk.

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