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Your New Year’s print management resolutions

As we’re sure you’re aware, 2014 is the dawn of a new year and a new opportunity for your company to reduce overheads and pursue growth. Regardless of what the previous year brought, now is the time to move forwards and achieve greater things – but for that you might need to change or replace a few existing processes. What would your print management New Year’s resolutions be, if you were asked to choose? What changes should you implement in order to make the most of your print projects in the year ahead and achieve greater ROI? We’ve selected four potential New Year’s print management resolutions for you to aspire to in 2014…


Reduce the cost of print projects

Print can be an expensive business. Whether you’re frequently replacing ink and toner cartridges in your office, wasting paper or undertaking costly reprints, there are ways and means through which you can reduce the cost of your print projects in future. Print management is all about working to save ink, energy and paper as well as time and other resources. Here at PMG Print Management we have experience when it comes to implementing such changes, and we’ve helped companies to save over £8,000 simply by tweaking paper size and £14,000 on brochure printing alone. If your New Year’s resolution is to reduce the cost of your print projects in future, you know whom to ask!

Reduce your carbon footprint

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t just be about lining one’s own pocket, however. Many people select resolutions designed to help them become better people or to have a positive impact on the lives of others, and you can do the same when it comes to print management. As well as saving your company money, effective print management can help to reduce energy consumption and resource depletion, ultimately reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Aim to reduce the carbon footprint of your business and you’ll be able to meet green targets more easily in future, as well as having a positive effect on the environment too.


Improve marketing response rates

Print marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and improve brand loyalty, increase brand awareness and attract new trade – but were your efforts as effective as you’d have liked them to be over the past year? Improving your print marketing response rates will mean that your efforts are more cost-effective and successful, and print management can help you to do so. If this resolution rings true to you, then investing in clever print management could be the right move for your business. If you’re not happy with the response rates you’ve seen in the past, don’t give up on print marketing entirely; instead, consider calling in some expert help and advice to see what alternatives you have.

Decrease the time between design and completion

Before a print project can go ahead, your company must undertake a number of important processes: from concept to design, design to production and production to distribution. The longer your project takes to go from the concept stage to distribution, the more opportunities you may have missed, and the more money your company may have lost. Perhaps your print management resolution for 2014 will be to shave down the design and production stages of your print projects, thus benefitting from a more streamlined workflow in future. Are your designers informed enough about print to know how their designs will impact upon the required processes, or do you find that further changes must be made once a design is produced? Could a print design studio help?

All of these potential print management resolutions could benefit your business in the New Year, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have it all, and with the help of PMG Print Management, you will. If you’d like to find out more about how our print management services can benefit you this year, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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